Our Story

The founder of Savior Health, Thomas Goth, contracted a respiratory infection while flying on a business trip in June of 2005. After eight weeks of illness, the infection was identified as “atypical pneumonia” caused by chlamydia pneumoniae (CPN).   He worked from home for six weeks, plus another eight weeks trying to return to work. It was apparent that it was time to make a major life decision and he resigned from his career job of 21 years in mid-October and was out of work on the last day of 2005.    


Under traditional doctor’s care, the antibodies for CPN doubled every six months for over two years. At that point, Tom discovered an intense antibiotic treatment regimen for CPN on the website for the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. No doctor would try the intense program so he found resource ways to try the treatment protocol on his own. Under this regimen, the antibodies would cycle down to zero while the six antibiotics were being taken, but would then start climbing again once the bombardment of antibiotics was stopped. Many bacteria find ways to hide or change form to an inactive state (spore) to avoid being harmed by antibiotics…and then re-emerge when the siege is over.


As a young man, Tom had completed a college degree with a triple-major in Physics-Math-Chemistry and was very adept at technical research and development. Starting in the early 1990's, Tom had already achieved a series of patented industrial designs and successful consumer products.

In December of 2010, Tom began to discover ways that natural supplements and herbal extracts could boost the body’s production of L-Glutathione and other key biological factors, which he knew were key to naturally boosting the immune system and cellular energy. Upon taking a mix of select herbs and amino acids, the issue of chronic respiratory infection was resolved immediately and permanently.  Healthy energy returned. In the years since he continued to study and develop additional ways to initiate and support the body’s natural production of L-Glutathione, the totality which is now reflected in the Ultra Glutathione Boost formulation.


Savior Health Ultra Glutathione Boost is the world's most comprehensive formulation to support the body’s own natural production of cellular L-Glutathione, which is a peptide often referred to as the “Master Antioxidant” for human health.  The formula is typically quite fast-acting and a response is often experienced within a short amount of time measured in hours to a few days.  


L-glutathione is critically important for human health for the neutralization and detoxification of heavy metals, xenobiotics (synthetic chemicals in food, water and air), and naturally occurring waste products from cellular processes. L-glutathione is critical for the effectiveness of the immune system, and also critical for the protection of both human and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative attack. L-glutathione is so important to human health that a person's level of l-glutathione may be the single best indicator of overall health. The production of l-glutathione is very energy intensive and it is reported that about 6% of your body's total energy expenditure is to produce l-glutathione.         


Since the full recovery from walking pneumonia and chronic fatigue in 2011, Tom has started four companies from scratch, all of which successfully launched needed products and services...and provided needed employment and income for partners and employees. He went from being essentially disabled to achieving peak energy, fulfillment and creativity. His passion is to share his knowledge and products to help others in need naturally recover their health as well, or preserve the health they have.  Savior Health is founded with the belief that there are safe, effective and natural methods to support innate health and healing.          


Savior Health is developing a wide range of products to provide intensive nutritional and herbal support to people that are seeking a path towards renewed health and vitality. All product ingredients are carefully selected after extensive research and review of effectiveness for the intended end use, development of a comprehensive master formulation, confirmation of a high degree of safety, and feedback from actual users.